The APS belief is that science has always walked on two feet, theory and experiment Physics deals with abiding and immutable truths that investigate the essential nature of the world. The Bible of life Is Biology (origin, evolution, and survival of fittest of species). Chemistry is devoted to learning the steps of alchemy; In And pubis School the science laboratories have been designed with prudence and care to foster learning and to encourage intelligent investigation of the natural phenomenon of the universe. With the best combination of safety and utilitarian features, the labs robustly link the lab facilities to a science student’s articulated vision. Skill and experience are built via this platform of scientific discovery. Safety and flexibility concerns have been integrated while designing a superior lab experience for students. The lab-stations of modem design define locations for lab lecture functions and offer comfortable access to clean up utility services such as the sink. Scientific knowledge is needed in the five senses of our students, embedded in their consciousness. Learning is transmuted to a higher order thinking in the physics, chemistry and biology labs of APS. The student learns the scientific philosophy of a lifetime which is, ‘Be humble you are made of earth. Be noble you are made of stars.